About Us

Who we are?

We are a stock market institute and a product company providing knowledge on various aspects of stock market. We have the domain expertise of more than 10 years to guide you and resolve your queries. We have also developed a web application which will help the users to strategize their trades in Futures & Options. The main objective of the company is to educate our clients with stock market concepts and provide them with well needed guidance and support.

Why Finsieger?

We emphasize on developing and understanding the basic concepts and then moving to advance fundamentals to generate consistent earnings from market. We prepare you to become independent, to make your own decisions while investing or trading in stock market. Personalized attention to the audience. We have designed the courses to cater all type of audience. We believe in value for time i.e investing your minimum time and gaining maximum benefits.

Our Vision

To become the pioneers in stock market education providers. To build solutions through technology intervention for our client’s growth. We are intend to add value to the current way of learning by automating processes. To be rated as the most trusted partners to our clients by providing comprehensive solutions and education through technology services. To ensure client satisfaction by providing proper knowledge and maintaining transparency in our functioning.


What we do and Provide?

Courses Offered

Fees : 1500/-

What will be covered?
Fundamentals of Capital market. What exactly is a Share? What does a Company Price tell? What exactly is a Split & Bonus and what are its ramifications? What exactly is a Dividend? How to buy sell shares, different order types. What exactly is a reason behind price changes? Difference between stock and indices and how does indices function? How to read graph and its basics.

Who will benefit from this course:
One who is completely new and wants to start his journey towards stock market trading and investing. Also who is already in market and struggling with the basics of market functioning.

Fees : 2500/-

What will be covered?
What are derivatives? What are Futures and how they are related to stocks and indices? What are Call/Put Options? What exactly is an options premium and what it means? Other terms such as Strike Price, Moneyness, Intrinsic Value, Time & Volatility Value in detail.

Who will benefit from this course:
Who really wants to know how derivatives market function. Have heard the term Call, Put and Future but is unaware of the concepts. Also for one who already trades in derivatives and needs to understand more about its calculations.

Fees : 3000/-

What will be covered?
Strategies that can be fit for different scenarios. Valuation of Options. Using BSM model for theoretical and Implied Volatility. Derivative Greeks.

Who will benefit from this course:
One who knows derivatives and needs to know about different strategies, Valuation of Options, using Volatility and Time value for their benefit. Also for the one who is using Greeks and want to explore more.

Fees : 3000/-

What will be covered?
What is balance sheet and its different components? What is Profit & Loss Statement and its components? What is Cash flow Statement and its components? How to read these statements? How Balance sheet and Profit/Loss function together? How they are made? What are the important components to look at while considering the financial health of the company? Performing Ratio Analysis.

Who will benefit from this course:
The one who needs to know how to read and analyze financial statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash flow) and perform ratio analysis. Also for the one who need to know more about important ratios considering the financials of a particular company.

Fees : 4500/-

What will be covered?
How to look at Investing? How to find good companies? How 5 year graph can justify the health of the company? How to look at P/E ratio (the base concept)? Using relative valuation efficiently. Which good sectors to look at for investing. Portfolio allocation, weightage & management.

Who will benefit from this course:
One who is looking forward to learn the process of valuation so as to invest in equity at a better price.

Fees : 12000/-

What will be covered?
Basics and Advance use of indicators like Moving averages, MACD, Relative strength index (RSI), Supertrend, Glenn HiLo, Stochastics, CMO, Fibonacci Series.

Following Rule based Trading will be covered: Monthly 2-3 candle rule, How to trade in corrections & bottom fishing? Using dead cat bounce to your benefit. How to look for shorting using option strategies? Using support resistances efficiently. Finding best entry and exit points in “with the trend” trades. Best combinations of above listed indicators. Importance of business cycles and how to predict them.
(note : this course covers equity and derivatives trading)

Who will benefit from this course:
Any trader who is trading in equity/derivatives and needs to know tricks and techniques to increase the probability of earning. Also for people who are already earning from market and looking for more ideas to trade.

Fees : 25000/-

What will be covered?
This course includes the famous Intraday theory of Price Action with Finsieger's touch and twist, wherein traders can trade in intraday sessions to generate daily profits. Technique to find Entry and Exit points in intraday trades. This also includes trading at proper sessions. Stock and indices picking will be taught for Intraday. Positional trades for indices and stocks will also be covered.

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Our Product

Myoptiontools.com (Coming Soon)

We have developed an application which will help the users to easily create strategies in Future and Option segment. Built in as well as user created strategies can be back tested using our application. We have also provided 50+ built in strategies for different scenarios.

Other Services

  • One to One Sessions
  • Group Workshops: Special slot for your group (Min 3 members).
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